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The series is exactly what Robert and RLS Productions has promised. Number one he’s bringing in top quality national entertainers to the Wenatchee Valley. Number two the venue is just incredible! Number three they are increasing tourism and what an opportunity for those of us who live here locally to enjoy. And number four is the scholarships they are funding to benefit our local Wenatchee Valley College students and that is why we support RLS Productions. I do represent D A Davidson and we are stepping up to be a major sponsor for RLS next year with their 2016 Concerts in the Gardens series.

Rob Johnson, D.A. Davison

We work with a lot of different businesses and advertising agencies that always want to work for what is best for the client, what is best for the listener or consumer, and that is something that I appreciate about Robert and RLS Productions. He’s got the general public’s best interest in mind, he’s got the clients that he works with best interest in mind, and he’s authentic – he’s real. I think that is one of the most important traits in order to be successful whether you producing concerts, event or putting together a marketing plan for someone, you’ve got to be authentic and you’ve got to get it and he does.

Kevin Andrus, General Manager, Cherry Creek Radio

RLS Productions does a fabulous job of coordinating events, picking the venue, making sure everything is there that anyone could want. We’re comfortable, there’s great food and beverages, they’ve thought of everything to ensure that guests have a good time. They have volunteers that escort you down thru the gardens to the tables, so what else could you want. It’s everything that should go into an event to make it enjoyable for the guests.

Stacy Lockhart, Executive Director, Wenatchee Valley College Foundation

My first experience with Robert is from the older Rock n Roll drumming day from the 70’s but the first event we worked on together was the Don Lanphere Jazz Festival back in 1993. And from there on we worked together a lot and especially with the RLS Productions winter concert series from the mid ‘90’s thru 2000 and beyond. My experience is that he’s very detail oriented and knows everything that is needed to pull together a successful concert or event.

David Keefer, Jazz Stream Records and Program Director The Quake 102.1

GoLakeChelan.com was really excited to support the RLS Productions’ Concerts in the Gardens series because of venue setting RLS has created, the great line-up of bands, and because one of the series objectives is to encourage mid-week tourism. The more we can bring visitors from outside our area to the Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington by supporting concerts or events like this series, the more tourists will discover all of North Central Washington.

Christine Eagar, GoLakeChelan.com Co-Owner



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