Borrowed Time a Tribute to Styx

RLS Productions’ 2020 Concerts in the Gardens

BORROWED TIME The Music of STYX - July 30, 2020

RLS Productions, LLC

July 30th, 2020

Borrowed Time- A Tribute to Styx

Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx hails from Seattle, Washington. They perform the greatest hits of the legendary band STYX.

Not a look alike act, but a rocking and melodic band that faithfully recreates the magic of Styx classics like “Come Sail Away”, “Renegade”, “Fooling Yourself”, “Lady”, “Grand Illusion”, “Miss America”, “Mr. Roboto” and so many more classic songs.

If you’re a Styx fan, we think you’ll like what you hear. If you’re not a Styx fan, the band will win you over with their sense of humor and musical chops. Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx’s live shows are filled with great renditions of familiar Styx songs and are also infused with the enthusiasm and humor of the band’s personalities.

Quite simply, Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx WILL entertain you.